Can store lighting boost retail sales?

There is a current uncertainty regarding Brexit, price increase and wages, so it’s not rocket science to understand why the high-street sales are suffering so badly within the UK. To add to the worries, there are online stores who offer cheaper alternatives to high street products which throws a massive spanner into the works. So […]

Electric cars and taxis to get Amsterdam emission free by 2025

Amsterdam is famous for its canal systems, bicycles and artistic heritage. It also houses a number of famous museums and landmarks that includes: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank’s House. There are approximately 881,000 bicycles throughout Amsterdam that are used by daily commuters, children, people on their daily shop or transporting ladders across the […]

Do you need a solar battery at home?

  Why do you need a solar battery? Heard the buzz about Tesla Powerwalls and wonder what they actually do? Here’s our overview of all PV (Photo-Voltaic) batteries for use at home. What are they? PV Batteries are added onto solar systems to store any unused power generated for use later in the day. Some […]

What are your Renewable Energy Options at Home?

Committing to renewable energy at home for most people just means installing solar panels. But renewable energy options now cover much more than just solar power. Renewable energy sources currently make up about 35.5% of the UK’s electricity supply, read on to find out how you could be part of the renewables revolution: Air Source […]

How electric taxis are conquering our cities

Air pollution is one of the world’s biggest killers resulting in nearly 7 million deaths a year, just behind cancer. With more than 9,000 of these deaths in London, the city is committed to becoming carbon free by 2050, a bold goal! Since the Great Smog of 1952, London has been on a mission to […]

How to choose an electrician

Choosing any tradesperson can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s for a large project. It’s important to find the person or company with the right approach and skills Whether it’s an emergency or home improvement project, electrical can be very important works carried out in your home or business. Mistakes caused by inexperienced or […]

A Brief History of Electric Cars

The History of the Electric Powered Vehicle You might think that electric cars are a modern invention, relatively new to the car market? In fact the concept of the electric car goes back further in time than you might expect: The Creation The exact date of the first electric car produced is lost to history […]

Ask an Electrician: the History of the National Grid

The second in our ‘Ask an electrician‘ series, written by the experienced electrician team at Opulous, looks at the history of something we all take for granted – the National Grid. The National Grid is something every electrician needs to know about! It’s the high voltage transmission networks that covers Great Britain connecting power stations […]

Four Energy-Efficient New Year’s Resolutions That Will Save You Money

Improving your health is probably high up on your list of New Year resolutions, but how about thinking about improving the health of the environment? Here’s our suggestions for energy efficient New Year’s resolutions for your home that will also save you money. #1 Switch off more A simple yet effective way of saving energy […]

Opulous’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It might not have snowed yet but the days are shorter and we’re all going home in the dark. We’ve made a handy Christmas present guide for those that are cost conscious when it comes to the electric bill and keen to do your bit to live […]

9 of the best places to see Christmas lights in London 2018

The John Lewis advert has officially been released and Christmas can now commence! Whilst untangling the fairy lights is nobody’s favourite job, London plays home to some of the best Christmas lights in the world. As electricians specialising in the London luxury retail and residential market we know a thing or do about London’s Christmas […]

Opulous is running for Solar Sister

Opulous Innovation’s contracts manager Charlotte Casey is running the 2019 Colchester Half Marathon to raise money for the Solar Sister charity. Keep up with her training and learn more about how you can support this fantastic charity via her regular blogs. Our Charity Solar Sister Solar Sister trains and supports women to deliver clean energy […]

Are you a responsible landlord? (AirBnb hosts this affects you too).

As a landlord there are a number of safety obligations you must follow to keep your tenants and property safe. Failures to follow the regulations could lead to hefty fines, invalid insurance and injury to the occupants. So here’s our easy guide on how to be a responsible and compliant landlord. Do landlords need to […]

New models worth installing an electric car charger for

Since our last blog in June about electric cars and installing an electric car charger at home, a whole host of manufacturers have released details with their upcoming fully electric vehicles. With UK grants to PHEV (plug-in hybrids) due to end in November, the car giants are racing to bring out EV’s with the newest […]

How to reduce your winter electric bill

How to reduce your winter electric bill As the days get shorter and the temperature slowly starts to drop, our homes use more and more electricity. The need and desire to stay inside and keep warm means that our central heating goes on and our lights come on earlier and earlier in the day. Bills […]

How much should you know about your home electrics?

Your home’s electrical system is more than just a bunch of wires – it’s a complex system, carefully designed to deliver all the power you need for modern life. An expert electrician knows his/her way around your home electrics – but how much do you know, or need to know? If you rent or own your home the domestic electrical system remains […]

Ask an electrician: a brief history of UK wiring regs

The IET wiring regulations or the Wiring Rules as they were first known have been around since 1882, quickly becoming the standard for electrical installations across the UK.  But let’s take a step back in time to look at the evolution of ‘The Regs’ and what any electrician working in your home should know. 1882 […]

The Sound of Sonos

Want to listen to your music anywhere at home? And control it from your smartphone at the touch of a button? Leading-edge wireless Sonos system may be just what you need. It’s products are designed to fill every room of your home with music, and it’s flexibility has made the company a household name. Here’s […]

The Nest Thermostat: Your Smart Home Solution

Your life is about to get a whole lot easier! If you haven’t embraced the smart home revolution maybe it’s time to dip your toe in the world of home automation. With gadgets like the Roomba (robot hoover) celebrating over 16 years on the market, home technology is advancing faster than ever, devices such as […]

Hooked to the silver screen? Install a home cinema!

In an age where staying in is the new going out, home cinemas are becoming the latest must have for property owners. From luxury sheds to basement conversions, you can be transported in to movie heaven. As cinema attendance continues to decrease, more people are investing in their home movie experience, with streaming services such […]

Air conditioning, a pretty cool invention

With a potential 3-month heat wave looming, one advance in technology I think we can all be grateful for is air conditioning. Keeping many of us cool at work, the artificial breeze has been around much longer than you think. This American invention wasn’t created as a result of seeking improved comfort, but was the […]

How does GDPR impact CCTV installation?

The highly anticipated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced on 25th May 2018. This new European Union privacy law aims to bring all EU members states under one umbrella by enforcing a single data protection law. The law is intended to provide guidelines and regulate how data is processed, used, stored or exchanged. It […]

Your one stop shop for all your retail maintenance needs

With bricks and mortar shops becoming more than a buying location and much more of an immersive shopping experience, retail maintenance is becoming more important than ever. The dramatic transformation in the retail experience has lead to an increase in interactive technology and has created an in-store environment focusing on customers testing and trying products, […]

7 vehicles leading the electric charge

Electric cars are booming and with Opulous’s expertise in installing an electric car charger at home or work, we’re better placed than most to tell you what’s hot and what’s not in electric cars. Here’s our round-up of seven of the best 1. Renault Zoe continues to rule the roost as Europe’s number 1 selling EV […]

Rako lights the way to the future

It sounds like Alexa and Cortana could soon be on talking terms, with the two powerhouses in tech announcing a partnership to integrate their voice control systems. This cross-platform integration will also allow Mircrosoft’s Cortana to access some of the more unique aspects of Amazon’s Alexa; from shopping on amazon to controlling smart home devices [...]

Air conditioning maintenance isn’t just a load of hot air

Believe it or not summer and warm weather will eventually reach the UK after our long very cold winter and before you know it air conditioning units will be humming into action in offices and shops all over the country. If it’s your job to look after air conditioning units at work now is the perfect time […]

Opulous at RDE: The first choice for retail maintenance and electrical contractors

We’re incredibly excited about exhibiting for the first time at the Retail Design Expo (RDE) at Olympia from 2nd-3rd May.  Opulous Innovation will be the only retail maintenance specialist and electrical contractors at the show and we’re looking forward to meeting retail designers, marketers and visual merchandisers to tell them all about some of the fantastic work we’ve done in the retail maintenance sector for our incredible portfolio […]

4 reasons why electric cars chargers are booming

Founded 10 year ago, charging point manufacturer Chargemaster has seen their business rise in value by 300%. So, what is causing the demand for electric cars and chargers . . . Decrease in price of purchasing and running an electric car To encourage the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric the UK government offer grants towards the […]

Why install CCTV cameras at home?

With more and more homeowners becoming concerned with neighbourhood security, domestic CCTV systems are becoming a more common site across housing estates in the UK. CCTV cameras play an active role in discouraging crime and anti-social behaviour as they act as both a deterrent and an apprehension aid. A trustworthy system can be a pivotal part of your overall home security […]

A beginner’s guide to Electric Car Charging

Just like any electrical device, an electric car requires an electric car charger, but you can’t just park it up in your bedroom and plug it into the trusty bedside table socket. These clever cars require a special external plug point, preferably close to where you regularly park. Unlike a traditional engine which can be driven […]

To rewire or not to rewire that is the residential question?

Buying a new house can be a daunting task on its own, but then working out whether your new home requires a rewire, and a visit from a local electrician, is not always easy to spot. Cabling in homes has changed significantly over the past decades, from cable colour to consumer units, so there’s a lot to keep […]

7 things you didn’t know about Christmas lights

The very first fairy lights in the UK were developed for the Savoy Theatre in 1882. Sir Joseph Swan, the pioneer of incandescent light bulbs, supplied the theatre for the opening night of Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera Iolanthe. They have been a common sight in the UK ever since. The first Christmas tree decorated with electric lights was commissioned […]

How do you solve a problem like retail maintenance?

Managing a shop requires so much more than organising staff and selling to clients. Today’s health and safety regulations means that store manager must muddle through this complicated maze of requirements or face penalties and fines. A comprehensive retail maintenance plan can combine monthly and annual checks that ensure the safety of both staff and customer. As a company, we are heavily involved […]

Emergency Lighting – What is it?

Emergency lighting is an essential requirement for all commercial and industrial environments and an installation that we all take for granted. In case of an emergency, this lighting can be the difference between life and death so it is essential that it is installed and maintainedcorrectly. Following the tragic events this year, hundreds of residential tower blocks across England are being […]

Pat Testing Fact Or Fiction

Everybody is familiar with the green stickers covering plugs in offices and public places across the UK, New Zealand and Australia. With retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges requiring all electrical items to be tested before the installation of a pop up store, Opulous has never tested more in a year. PAT testing is an important part [...]

It’s the 21st century and CCTV is watching you!

In a world where big brother is watching and cameras capture our every move, the CCTV market is booming. With electrical contractors installing four million systems in the UK since the 1960’s, everything we do is now being recorded. This quantity equates to one camera for every fourteen people, making us one of the most watched nations in the [...]

LED, what a bright idea!

It’s 2017 and LED is affordable for all, with both financial and environmental gains there is no excuse. It is easy to see the appeal of halogen bulbs, as they give off a warm, natural light and are cheap and easily available to buy. But against its more energy efficient younger cousin LED, the halogen is being […]

Turning your residential dream into reality

As programmes like Grand Designs and Homes under the Hammer inspire people to renovate old properties and build their own, residential electricians have never been busier. The UK housing crisis means that those looking to buy are looking at alternative methods to capture their perfect property, keeping contractors on their toes with new requests and designs. Our residential team […]

The Rise of the Luxury Pop Up Shop

From Selfridges to Old Street Station, brands are constantly developing innovative pop upstores to excite customers, old and new. These exclusive displays, in situ for a limited time, are definitely dressed to impress, with brand’s showing off their newest designs and collections.