Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the backbone of the industrial sector, allowing factories to continue working throughout the hotter summer months and enabling retail outlets to keep their customers cool while shopping. And with units currently being installed in the London Underground, they don’t just keep locations cool, but they can also allow them to remain warm when the cold weather starts. Opulous has years of experience of servicing and maintaining air conditioning systems as part of our extensive retail maintenance services provided to retailers and other commercial operations.

With several components to a typical air conditioning system, it’s essential that the units are serviced annually by a trained professional to keep them running smoothly and hassle-free. The frequency of servicing of your system may need to be increased if the air conditioning system is installed in a high dust or high fibre environment such as a shop or hospitality outlet. In both of those locations the filters in the air conditioning units will need to be changed more frequency to avoid any problems caused by dust and fibres entering the system.

Since 2014 the EU has regulated F gas, one of the main components of air conditioning. This means if a system contains a quantity of gas it must be checked yearly by a trained and experienced professional. If you’re unsure if your air conditioning system requires an F gas certificate, please contact us and we’ll happily send an engineer to check that your current system complies with existing legislation.

Maintenance is essential for keeping your system running smoothly as it’s supposed to. With a regular filter change and service from an experienced professional a system can run for up to 10 years with exactly the same effectiveness as when it was new . Regular servicing saves you money and prevents large problems from occurring.