Emergency Lighting

With a crack down on Emergency lighting taking place, it has never been more important for a commercial and industrial environments to ensure they are following the law. Emergency lighting can be the vital difference between life and death to help people escape from a building so it is essential that it is installed and maintained correctly. It must illuminate the escape route to a regulatory level and light clearly any essential fire equipment en-route allowing a safe evacuation.

An emergency light fitting includes a battery which acts as a back-up power source in the event of a power failure or disruption. Emergency light fittings can tell when the power has failed and immediately switch to the backup battery. The design of emergency lighting can be incredibly varied; from standard exit signs to bulkheads. Across shop floors most emergency lighting is integrated into the ceilings lighting design. Standard down lighters can be converted to emergency fittings with the addition of a battery pack.

emergency lighting

The law requires it to be tested monthly and logged to allowed any damaged lighting to be repaired. Maintenance of emergency light systems is essential to ensure the backup batteries are correctly holding their charge and in good working order. Our team at Opulous carry out regular checks and maintenance for the various retail locations on a monthly basis. We can also carry out LED and battery upgrades for existing emergency lighting to extend their life and improve their efficiency.

Allow our team to take the strain and avoid putting your employees and customers at risk, call us to carry out a survey of your premises. Our team can check the condition of your existing systems and make recommendations based on the most up to date legal requirements. For more information on emergency lighting check out our blog.