Electric Car Charging

With the UK pledging to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040, it is time for us to look at other technology to keep Britain’s wheels on the road. Technology in electric cars is advancing quick than ever and demand is on the rise. As of October 2017, there is a total of 126,200 electric cars and vans on UK roads. Car manufacturers are offering more models for the consumers to choose from and as technology evolves the price of these vehicles is slowly decreasing. Alongside the generous (OLEV) government grants for both cars and chargers, a steady rise in the purchase and lease of these green alternatives is inevitable.

Opulous prides itself on training in the latest technologies; our engineers are always looking to expand their knowledge into new fields. Our team is qualified to install electric car charger as certified and been approved by OLEV to install both domestic and workplaces charging points. Our electric car charging installation team covers East Anglia including Colchester and Chelmsford as well as London.

electric car charging

We are proud to work alongside local electric car charging point manufacturer EO Charging, as our main supplier. Based in Suffolk, EO Charging are designing smart energy technologies to help customers remove their dependency on the grid, creating safer, healthier, friendly planet. Their innovative eoGenius used alongside the eoHUB offers a cost effective smart charging solution that can be managed using the custom eoSoftware. The eoHUB monitors the power usage of your building in real-time and alters the chargers according to the energy available.

We are also approved to install products such as the Zappi. The intelligent and slick looking Zappi will charge Myenergi any electric vehicle with surplus power generated from your solar panels or wind turbine when you flick it into one of the ECO modes. Meaning you could be driving around in your electric car which was charged with free GREEN energy.

In addition, our team is qualified to fit a variety of other manufacturers chargers, please get in touch for the most up to date list of approved points.

If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle or installing some charging infrastructure into your workplace or destination, please contact our team and they can assist you with the planning and install your project.