The Rise of the Luxury Pop Up Shop

CCTV : Bulgari

From Selfridges to Old Street Station, brands are constantly developing innovative pop upstores to excite customers, old and new. These exclusive displays, in situ for a limited time, are definitely dressed to impress, with brand’s showing off their newest designs and collections. 

CCTV : Bulgari

I have been lucky enough to work across multiple shopping spaces in London creating displays for both Belstaff and Bulgari. Pop ups always provide a unique challenge as space and design include the newest of technologies whilst in keeping with the traditional feel of the brand. From providing specialist flooring to install custom painted CCTV systemsOpulous has been at the forefront of pop up production.

Westfield’s is currently hosting a pop up exhibition showcasing 100 years of Belstaff. A collection of images and products have been combined to present the evolution of this iconic British retailer. Overnight, the team of engineers and visual merchandisers transformed this area into a time capsule of Belstaff history. To co-inside with the Scottish Six Days Trial – the world’s oldest motorcycle event – that inspired the brand’s signature ‘Trialmaster‘ jacket, Belstaff have raided their archive and have made ten of their 1960s and 1970s jackets available to purchase through the luxury ‘pre-owned’ store Vestiaire.

Retail Maintenance and Electrical Contractors: Opulous Innovation Electricians

Bulgari, a jeweller renowned for its delicate and luxurious creations is constantly producingnew and exciting pop up stores across Selfridges. With custom vespa’s to bespoke neon and LED lights, this retailer goes all out to showcase their beautifully designed products. Taking on a more modern look than its stores, the pop ups provide a more colourful setting for the luxury handbags and purses on display.

Pop up stores give retailers the opportunity to trial a new look for the brand without the commitment of a full shop fit out. Established brands are looking to entice new clients whilst continuing to invite their current clients to try something new. This type of shop is especially popular in the more expensive retail areas of London such a Soho, where retailers can rent a unit for a fraction of a price against a long-term tenant. In a shopping centre or department store, a suitable area might be offered to a brand at a reduced rate in order to boost a particular product, helping sales and footfall.

With Christmas looming the competition is on to see who can attract clients from around the world to these temporary wonderlands. In a bid to be the first, Selfridges launched its Christmas stores 137 days early, with the full range being available from 4th September. They will also be selling a capsule collection of some of its greatest Christmas food from early August. Customers from out of town and across the world have to opportunity to buy bits for the special day 5 months in advance.

As these projects become more and more elaborate, our team are constantly updating their knowledge whilst developing new and exciting technologies. This demand for innovation keeps the Opulous team are primed and ready for the next pop up project.

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