LED, what a bright idea!

It’s 2017 and LED is affordable for all, with both financial and environmental gains there is no excuse.

It is easy to see the appeal of halogen bulbs, as they give off a warm, natural light and are cheap and easily available to buy. But against its more energy efficient younger cousin LED, the halogen is being slowly replaced across the retail world.

Halogens are only 30% efficient, with the rest of the energy being spent on heat. Being solid state bulbs, LEDs are more than 80% efficient and give off hardly any heat, meaning their life span is a lot longer.  For example, an LED GU10 50w equivalent can last for up to 25 years when used on average for four hours per day, whereas a halogen would only last a matter of months for the same usage.

Think of the time you would save after looking through the light bulb cupboard to not find what you want and take a trip to the nearest diy store. Supermarkets have joined the market, now selling own brand LED lamps for a competitive price, they have never been easier to get hold of.

LED Lighting

The most common excuse we hear for companies and individuals not switching over to the bright side is “I can’t find the bulb I’m looking for” or “LED does not give off the same light”. LED’s generally come in three different colours; warm white, daylight and cool white. So picking the correct colour for your location can make a big difference to the atmosphere of the room. If the light bulb you are after is not a common lamp, you may be best to approach your local electrician, with their expert knowledge with various suppliers. They will be able to show you the latest in technology.

Our team recently carried out a full upgrade in a hotel lobby with specially sourced lights. This project required a special order of LED lamps from the supplier with a transformer to match. By investing in these energy-saving products, the lamps will be running for free after the first year, as the cost of the upgrade will be balanced by the saving in electricity.

The famous Piccadilly Circus Lights were changed from neon to LED back in 2011. They are currently receiving their latest upgrade giving the likes of Coca-Cola and Samsung the highest resolution LED display of its size in the world. The work is set to be finished by Autumn 2018. The new screen will be able to live-stream videos, show weather, news, sports results and social media feeds.

Public lighting is also joining the upgrade revolution with London councils and boroughs switching everything from traffic lights to the London Underground to LED. The Bakerloo line started its transition back in December with thirty-six trains having its fluorescent lighting changed extending the life of the current fleet. This £150million market could mean less fossil fuel plants, meaning LED lighting will play a key role in decarbonizing the global economy because of its energy savings.

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