With bricks and mortar shops becoming more than a buying location and much more of an immersive shopping experience, retail maintenance is becoming more important than ever. The dramatic transformation in the retail experience has lead to an increase in interactive technology and has created an in-store environment focusing on customers testing and trying products, rather than purchasing. Traditional shop displays are disappearing in favour of installations to engage the customer physically, tangibly and through all the senses. With over ten years of experience in retail maintenance and electrical services, Opulous Innovation can help your store stay at the top of its game.

Lighting can create a huge difference to your stores atmosphere, and having lights out on your shop floor can have a negative effect on the overall ambience. One of our commercials team’s main retail maintenance roles is to carry out lamp replacements across many locations in Central London. Both planned and reactive visits keep your store well lit, whilst our office ensures that the same or similar lamps are always available for when engineer visits your store – so there’s no waiting for materials to come into stock.

Retail Maintenance and Electrical Contractors: Opulous Innovation Electricians

Opulous carrying out planned retail maintenance for a client

We also specialise in LED upgrades for retail and hospitality locations. As older fittings such as fluorescent lighting becomes obsolete, stores are struggling to find suitable replacements that give the same feel as their older products. Over the last year our team have been working with retailers to come up with bespoke solutions including the latest in LED technology to meet the specification and avoid any disruption to the customer shopping experience.

Our electrical services don’t stop at shop-floor lighting. Emergency lighting is essential to keeping customers and staff safe in case of an emergency. The law requires it to be tested monthly and logged to allowed any damaged lighting to be repaired. Maintenance of emergency light systems is essential to ensure the backup batteries are correctly holding their charge and in good working order.

Whilst lighting is considered the glamorous side of retail maintenance, there are lots of other electrical services that need to be carried out monthly and annually to keep your shop running smoothly. Although not a legal requirement, most insurance companies require portable appliance testing to be carried out in any commercial location. This annual test is to ensure that small appliances and their safety features are working correctly. It’s not just small appliances that need to be tested an electrical installation condition report should also be carried out every 5 years in a retail setting. The purpose of an EICR (also known as periodic inspection and testing of an electrical installation), is to determine, so far as is reasonably practicable, whether the installation is in a satisfactory condition for continued service.

Keeping your shop well lit is one priority of retail maintenance, but keeping it the correct temperature is another – especially if you want to encourage customers to try on seasonal clothing. Air conditioning can be the bane of many operations manager’s lives. There’s so much that can go wrong with a device that combines water, gas and electricity and maintaining them is essential to avoid any problems. Depending on the environment your air conditioning filters should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year, units that have more exposure to dust or fibres should be serviced more regularly. Since 2014 the EU has regulated G gas, one of the main components of an air conditioning system. This needs to be checked annually by a trained professional to check for any leaks in the system that could be dangerous to the environment and to ensure that your installation has the correct levels of gas to run efficiently. Regular servicing saves you money and prevents bigger problems from occurring.

Retail Maintenance: Bulgari

One of Opulous’ retail maintenance clients Bulgari

Opulous also offers a range of more specialist services, such as upholstery, smart integration and visual installations. Our upholstery team can reupholster displays onsite with the latest fabrics. We regularly work in Heathrow overnight updating the fabric window display in Bulgari stores to each season’s specification, as well as create bespoke products for pop up displays.

As the level of technology within a store grows, smart integration is becoming more and more common in-store. With a variety of systems such as Lutron, Rako and Control 4 being utilised to help showcase products and displays, it’s essential to ensure that these are programmed correctly and that additions can easily be made to the system. From diagnoses to reprogramming, our retail maintenance technicians can ensure a seamless and subtle transition between lighting moods for your store.

Other services integrated within our retail maintenace offering include plumbing, CCTV and data. We also work alongside various other trades such as emergency glaziers, IT specialists and locksmiths that share our values and work with us on a regular basis. If you have a question or query relating to a retail maintenance issue you may have, please get in touch with the team. If it is not a service we offer, we will help find you a reliable contractor that can assist with your location.


Electric cars are booming and with Opulous’s expertise in installing an electric car charger at home or work, we’re better placed than most to tell you what’s hot and what’s not in electric cars. Here’s our round-up of seven of the best

Electric car charger: Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

1. Renault Zoe continues to rule the roost as Europe’s number 1 selling EV in 2017. This year Renault have launched a new model with an updated motor, improved
performance and android compatibility. This five door car can achieve 160 miles on a full charge and costs less to buy than most other electric cars. If buying from a
dealership the price will also include a wall mounted 7kW electric car charger to be installed at
your home.

2. The British built Nissan Leaf hit the market in 2010 and has sold over 300,000 cars
worldwide, beating the Renault Zoe for the title of most popular EV worldwide. Far
from a milk float, this electric car can do 0-60mph in 8 seconds out sprinting the VW
e-Golf. The Leaf has undergone a remodel this year, giving it a sportier feel.

3. With Zipcar introducing over 300 all electric VW e-golf to its users across London, it’s easy to see why placing an order for one is difficult. Unlike most EV’s, the e-Golf is
based on the much-loved standard fuel chassis, with the only difference being the
engine. It is easy to see how this car will become a popular family EV.

4. The BMW i3 is available in an all-electric form or as a range extended petrol/electric version, falling back on a 2-cylinder petrol engine when the battery is depleted.
BMW has rolled out the ChargeNow services offering 5000+ public EV charging
stations and for charging at home customers can have the BMWi wallbox installed.

5. Of course the big boys in the EV market are Tesla and the Tesla Model S leads the
luxury electric car market. By far one of the most expensive EV’s on the market, the Model S does offer significantly most miles per charge than any other electric car.
Owning a Tesla puts you in an exclusive club, allowing you free use of Tesla’s own electric car charger – the Supercharger, a high speed charging infrastructure, charging your car to full in
30 mins.

Electric car charger

Nissan e-NV200

6. One of the biggest players in the electric vehicle industry are stepping up its game,
introducing the Nissan e-NV200 pop top. Far from just a concept, Nissan showcased this smart new camper as the Madrid Motor Show in May 2018. This revolutionary
vehicle leads the pack as competitors such as VW are yet to bring their electric I.D
Buzz to market.

7. Another vehicle type being electrified is HGV’s, Tesla will launch the Tesla Semi in
2019. Currently being tested on the road, the Tesla Semi will be capable of travelling up to 600 miles on a single electric car charger charge – even when fully loaded. With supermarket giants such as Walmart placing orders, it is very clear that will we be seeing many of these electric lorries on the road in the next decade.

To find out more about installing an electric car charger point for any of these models, or for any electric car of your choice, get in touch!

Believe it or not summer and warm weather will eventually reach the UK after our long very cold winter and before you know it air conditioning units will be humming into action in offices and shops all over the country. If it’s your job to look after air conditioning units at work now is the perfect time to get all your routine maintenance sorted before the demands of users cause tempers to get overheated.

The filters, coils and fins of your air conditioner’s units all need annual maintenance for it to function efficiently. If you don’t carry out regular maintenance what happens is that there’s a steady decline in the air conditioning performance of the units and that means your energy use will steadily increase.

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We’re incredibly excited about exhibiting for the first time at the Retail Design Expo (RDE) at Olympia from 2nd-3rd May.  Opulous Innovation will be the only retail maintenance specialist and electrical contractors at the show and we’re looking forward to meeting retail designers, marketers and visual merchandisers to tell them all about some of the fantastic work we’ve done in the retail maintenance sector for our incredible portfolio of luxury retail brands.

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Founded 10 year ago, charging point manufacturer Chargemaster has seen their business rise in value by 300%. So, what is causing the demand for electric cars and chargers . . .

Decrease in price of purchasing and running an electric car

To encourage the switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric the UK government offer grants towards the purchase of a new electric car, van or motorbike for up to 35%. The plummeting cost of battery is leading to an overall decline in price for electric cars. If your electric car cost less than £30,000 you’ll be exempt from road tax and congestion charge in London. The cost of electric against fuel can save you up to 50% across 10,000 miles giving you a substantial saving against the rising cost of petrol and diesel.

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Just like any electrical device, an electric car requires an electric car charger, but you can’t just park it up in your bedroom and plug it into the trusty bedside table socket. These clever cars require a special external plug point, preferably close to where you regularly park. Unlike a traditional engine which can be driven until the fuel run out, electric cars work on a top-upbasis. This requires the battery to be regularly topped up at various point of the day or week depending on how far you drive. The three main options for electric car charging are at home, at work or public charging, so it’s important to ensure you have the correct cable.

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Managing a shop requires so much more than organising staff and selling to clients. Today’s health and safety regulations means that store manager must muddle through this complicated maze of requirements or face penalties and fines. A comprehensive retail maintenance plan can combine monthly and annual checks that ensure the safety of both staff and customer.

As a company, we are heavily involved in ensuring that brands are on top of these checks and paperwork, as many of them have yearly external audits. For shops located within a shopping centre or department stores such as Harrods; additional rules and regulations apply. It is crucial for brands to promote a positive health and safety culture, ensuring that all employers understand their responsibilities to their staff and customers.

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Emergency lighting is an essential requirement for all commercial and industrial environments and an installation that we all take for granted. In case of an emergency, this lighting can be the difference between life and death so it is essential that it is installed and maintainedcorrectly.

Following the tragic events this year, hundreds of residential tower blocks across England are being checked for fire safety flaws such as sprinkler system and emergency lighting. In the first month of a recent investigation, 71 tower blocks were suffering from a lack or deficiency of emergency lighting in stairwells or communal areas, which could hamper the escape of tenants. Never has there been so much pressure on the deliberations of specifiers, building owners and suppliers at the Emergency Lighting. It is more important than ever to ensure than your workplace has adequate and working lighting in case of an emergency situation. The correct positioning of exit signage and emergency lighting is essential to saving lives.

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It’s 2017 and LED is affordable for all, with both financial and environmental gains there is no excuse.

It is easy to see the appeal of halogen bulbs, as they give off a warm, natural light and are cheap and easily available to buy. But against its more energy efficient younger cousin LED, the halogen is being slowly replaced across the retail world.

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